Nnedi Okorafor, Anyaugo Okorafor, Jim Hines, and Sofia Samatar joined me at WorldCon to talk about how we can change the conversation to help make our community more inclusive. After the interviews, we have an OA member showcase of favorite WorldCon moments.

Nnedi and Anyaugo Okorafor
*Here is Nnedi’s website, and here is her post about Lovecraft and the World Fantasy Award.
*Zahrah the Windseeker is Anyaugo’s favorite of Nnedi’s books because it’s about a girl who goes on an adventure. Anyaugo would like to seem more mystery and adventure books with young female protagonists, so, if you’re a writer, take note!
*Who Fears Death won the World Fantasy Award and the Carl Brandon Kindred Award.
*Akata Witch is Nnedi’s most recent novel, and was a finalist for the Norton Award this year.”
*Andrea Pinkney was Nnedi’s first editor.
*Virginia Hamilton was a celebrated children’s book author, who wrote some fantasy, but wasn’t really recognized for that aspect of her work.

Jim Hines
*Here is Jim’s Website, and here is his Hugo speech (complete with a picture of the glass!Hugo).
*Here’s the post about The Wolves, the Pig, and the Retarded Bunny, and the one where Jim poses like Urban Fantasy heroines.
*All of Jim’s books, including the Princess Series and Libriomancer can be found in his online bookstore.
*Jim also mentioned How to Be a Fan of Problematic Things.

Sofia Samatar
*Here is Sofia’s Website.
*“Girl Hours” and “Snowbound in Hamadan” are two of Sofia’s poems, which appeared in Stone Telling.
*Sofia’s first novel, A Stranger in Olondria, is available for pre-order through Small Beer Press.
*Sofia has a shorts story with a lesbian protagonist forthcoming in Strange Horizons.

Our OA member showcase this month featured favorite WorldCon moments from Lynne Thomas, Rachel Swirsky, Kelly Lagor, C.D. Covington, Brit Mandelo, Kyell Gold, Cat Rambo, Cliff Winnig, and Catherine Lundoff. Next month’s episode will be recorded at Gaylaxicon!


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