This week we’re pleased to launch the Outer Alliance Podcast!

We’ll put up a new episode each month with news, events, interviews, listener feedback, and possibly even other forms of LGBTQI speculative fiction related audio goodness. You can subscribe to the podcast RSS feed here or use this link to subscribe with iTunes.

Below are some links to sites and events mentioned in the first podcast episode.

For information about OutlantaCon, Gaylaxicon 2011, and this weekend’s Outlantacon game day, visit

Sara M. Harvey’s Dressed Just Write event will be held at the Two Roads Cafe in Lebanon, Tennessee on Saturday the 13th of November from 3:00-5:00. Her Spotlight interview is here.

OryCon 32 is also happening next weekend in Portland, Oregon, and OA member Craig Laurence Gidney will be in attendance along with some other awesome guests.

Hadley Rille Books is giving away a Kindle 3G. Register once for free, and get another entry each time you order (or pre-order) books like Aether Age: Helios.

Edward DeGruy is president of the Atlanta Outworlders, and a member of Starfleet International. He is the guest liason for Outlantacon, and consuite director for Chattacon. He also works Dragon*Con, and may be working MidSouthCon in 2011. His band has music for you at

If you have any ideas for great podcast material, or want to send feedback, let us know. Comment here, send a message via the Google group, or e-mail me directly. My address is

Outer Alliance
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