This month our guest is Kelly Jennings, author of the novel, Broken Slate, which is out now through Crossed Genres. Kelly talks about successful slave revolts, the trials and tribulations of being a socialist and atheist English professor in Arkansas, and lots of other interesting things. After the interview, she reads an excerpt for us, too.

Farewell to Wayne Hergenroder
One of the fan Guests of Honor from this year’s Gaylaxicon (featured here previously in the special OA Mini Podcast) has passed away. He will be much missed. If you have thoughts or memories to share with us, please leave a comment here or on the google group.

Find Kelly Online at her personal blog and at FanSci, the group science fiction and fantasy blog she shares with Barbara Ann Wright and Marilou Goodwin. You can buy Broken Slate in print or e-format through various venues. Crossed Genres has all the details.

Kelly’s Recommended Resources on Slavery
The Black Jacobins by C.L.R. James
Bury the Chains by Adam Hochschild
Slavery by Another Name by Douglas Blackmon
Born in Slavery: Narratives from the Federal Writers Project 1936-1938 (an online resource)
*Ta-Nehisi Coates’s blog at The Atlantic.

Reminder: Next Month is our Writer and Critic episode!
Do check out the stories we’ll be discussing if you can.
*The Writer & the Critic (in case you want to start listening to one of my favorite podcasts right away).
*I recommended Hal Duncan‘s Spectrum winning story, “The Behold of the Eye”. Read it for free online, buy it in Wilde Stories 2009, or listen to it for free at Podcastle.
*Kirstyn recommended Kim Westwood‘s story, “Nightship”. Buy it in Dreaming Again, or listen to it free at Terra Incognita. I listened to it this month, and really enjoyed Kim Westwood’s reading.
*Ian Recommended Peter M. Ball‘s novellas, Horn and Bleed. Buy them in print or e-book format from Twelfth Planet Press, or get the instant dowload e-book versions from Smashwords. Trigger warning! Horn contains graphic sexual violence. Bleed does not (though it isn’t non-violent, generally), and it explains all the necessary backstory if you want to be up to speed for our discussion, but can’t deal with the other content.

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