Christopher Barzak joins me to talk about all his latest projects!

Before the interview, a brief correction: last time I failed to mention Kay Holt as co-editor of The Other Half of the Sky. Oops! That anthology of feminist SF stories is co-edited by Athena Andreadis and Kay Holt. In this podcast, I say pick it up if you haven't already. I meant to say check it out! It's forthcoming, so you can't pick it up yet.

*Before and Afterlives is Christopher's short story collection out through Lethe Press.
*One for Sorrow
, and The Love We Share Without Knowing are his novels.
*Birds and Birthdays is a recent collection of three stories and an essay about surrealist art. You can hear an interview all about that with Shaun Duke over on The Skiffy and Fanty Show.
*Jamie Marks is Dead is the movie (currently in production) based on One for Sorrow.
*Christopher teaches at Youngstown State University, and the literary magazine he helped students start is called Jenny.
*He co-edited Interfictions 2 with Delia Sherman, and is no co-editing the fiction portions of the forthcoming Interfictions Online with Meghan McCarron.
*The first issue of Interfictions Online will launch at WisCon at the end of May.
*Christopher will also be at Readercon in July, and he'll have a reading at the KGB Bar in New York later in 2013.

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