The Untragic Trans* Panel from WisCon 37! Moderated by Rhea Ewing, with Autumn Nicole Bradley, Rose Hayes, Brit Mandelo, and Elliott Mason. The panel runs an hour and fifteen minutes, and then I give a little Readercon report after it's over.

Things the panelists recommended:

*We Happy Trans* is a website specifically for sharing positive trans* experiences.
*What Makes a Baby is a book that talks about how babies are made in very inclusive terms for all kinds of families.
*Choir Boy by Charlie Anders is a novel about a trans* teen.
*Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation by Kate Bornstein and S. Bear Bergman is a book about exploring gender in multiple ways.
*Being Emily by Rachel Gold is another trans* teen novel, and one which Autumn recommends as really speaking to her experience.
*FINE is Rhea's comic about gender.

Readercon was great! Big thanks to he concom for working hard to make the space as safe and inclusive as possible. I loved getting to catch up with so many OA members, though I utterly failed to get a lot pictures. I do have two, though! Both from the From Page to Stage workshop run by C.S.E. Cooney and Caitlyn Paxson. At the end, all the participants read from their work, and I caught Kyell Gold and Brad Parks in the act!

Here's Kyell:

Kyell Gold Reading at Readercon

And Brad:

Brad Parks Reading at Readercon

Thanks to everyone who made Readercon weekend great!

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