Lee Martindale moderates the Gay SF panel at WorldCon. I (Julia Rios) am on it along with Scott Bobo, Matthew Johnson, Paul J. Salamoff, and Paige Ewing.

After the panel there's a mini interview with Kyell Gold, who talks about the audiobook version of Green Fairy.

We also had a great OA lunch meetup at WorldCon, and here's a picture of the group (minus a couple of people who had to dash before we could get our picture taken):

Recommended in the panel:
*The Ladies of Trade Town
*Cecilia Tan
*Catherine Lundoff
*Elizabeth Bear
*Circlet Press
*Lethe Press
*Wilde Stories
*Heiresses of Russ
*Melissa Scott
*Lee Thomas
*Clive Barker
*Charles Stross
*Selina Rosen
*Yard Dog Press
*Doctor Who
*Green Lantern
*Milestone Comics
*J.A. Pitts
*Malinda Lo
*Mercedes Lackey
*Lost Girl
*Ann McCaffrey (Pern)
*Marion Zimmer Bradley
*Richard Morgan
*Perry Moore
*Mark Shepherd
*Aqueduct Press
*Kiini Ibura Salaam
*Lamda Sci-Fi
*Lambda Literary Awards
*Gaylactic Spectrum Awards
*Tiptree Awards
*Modern Family
*Breaking Bad (for disability, not QUILTBAG content)
*Kyell Gold
*Geoff Ryman

Other Podcast recommendations:
*The Skiffy and Fanty Show
*LadyLike Boock Club

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