Keffy Kehrli joins me to talk about his new LGBTQ SF/F fiction podcast, GlitterShip, which is Kickstarting now!


After you've finished backing the GlitterShip Kickstarter, you can find Keffy online at his website and on Twitter as @keffy.

He's also going to be at Norwescon from the 2nd-5th of April, and he has a story forthcoming in Uncanny. Yay!

I also wanted to congratulate all the Lambda Literary Award finalists. Great list, this year, and you can find all the details on the Lambda site.

And finally, there are still a few days left to back Brimstone Rhine, the music project C.S.E. Cooney is doing. That campaign is just a few hundred dollars shy of having a music video to go along with the two EPs.

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